Sunday, January 10, 2010

Flowers and blue Shadows

Painting on 7x10 inches paper, this is a first painting of such kind.

Ortaköy Mosque - Opaqe Snow

This was going well during the painting until loosing my control while throwing Chinese white for the snow. Being an opaque color, lost the transparancy in the painting. It was on a 7x10inches paper. Hope to copy it on a bigger version, this time using gouage for the snow maybe.

Fishing on the Galata bridge

Painting on 6X8 inches sized paper, liked the composition. It is worth trying a bigger version.

Cafe Ritter

After watching the new Dvd of Josheph Zbuckvis,Watercolor Impressions, I gave a fresh try for a street scene. The photo is a one that I noticed in my visit to Vienna 2 years ago, though the composition is too much simplified.